Melinda Kaur Reiki master teacher karuna reiki holy fire kirkland wa relaxation reiki classes about

About Melinda

“It brings me much joy to empower my clients to open up to their own power and healing abilities.”

-Melinda Kaur

Melinda Kaur has been a practicing Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher for over 17 years.  Her practice, Reiki Joy, is based out of Kirkland and Marysville, WA.  She was attuned to Karuna Reiki in Glastonbury, England (Stonehenge) by William Rand.  In her past 16 years as a Reiki Master and Karuna Master, Melinda has traversed the globe in the study and practice of Reiki.  Recently, Melinda traveled to the South of France on a spiritual journey with 11 others, opening up earth grids and balancing the feminine and male energies of the earth – a very empowering journey.

The belief that everyone is a healer is at the core of Melinda’s practice.  Through Reiki Joy, Melinda shares her natural gifts as a healer with others, and she empowers others through training to facilitate their own self-healing.  Melinda teaches Usui Holy Fire Reiki I and II classes on an ongoing basis and helps to conduct two Reiki circles and a meditation group in Kirkland.  She is also a professional member of The Reiki Association. 

Melinda Kaur Reiki master teacher karuna reiki holy fire kirkland wa relaxation reiki classes about

About Reiki

The Reiki Experience
Each client will have a unique healing experience, though, typically, clients report feelings of deep relaxation and either sensations of floating or being wrapped in warm and loving light.  By placing the hands in specific positions slightly above the body, Melinda will channel energy to the recipient, opening up the chakras and allowing the recipient to enter a state of deep relaxation and healing. View client testimonials for personal descriptions of the Reiki experience.

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