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International Testimonials

    My life has changed since I was attuned by Melinda! Her ability to channel energy is very powerful. She can communicate and transmit the energy from other dimensions easily. Melinda is a special soul and there is definitely no one else on this Earth at this moment like her. I have received the gift of Reiki Master from Melinda and I will appreciate it for eternity. She is the light in the darkness and the smell of sweet flowers in the field. Melinda is gifted in energy work and in loving people. She accepts you where ever you are in life and never judges any decisions you have made. I see her as my savior during one of the most challenging parts of my life thus far. Melinda allowed me enough space to grow as she facilitated the energy flow to guide me in my self-discovery process. Thank you Universe for providing Melinda and me the opportunity to meet and grow together!

Desiree Hurtado

Miami, Florida, USA
Melinda Kaur Reiki master teacher karuna reiki holy fire kirkland wa relaxation reiki classes

​In his own words, this is how an 8 year old boy describes how he felt after a reiki session with Melinda! He decided to draw it and give it to her because he thought it was awesome!

 8 Year Old Boy

​Seattle, Washington, USA

It is my joy to recommend Melinda Kaur to anyone interested in Reiki healing.  Melinda is pure love.  From the first time I met her I felt the warmth of her soul pouring out to me in a most welcoming way. Melinda is able to channel energy to such a degree during a healing session that the recipient feels like she is being caressed by a thousand volts of love.  Melinda is also so encouraging that I was able to take the step to receive my first Reiki attunement.  Boy, was that powerful!   I will also be traveling to Washington to Melinda when I am ready to become a Reiki Master. For anyone that needs healing or for those that want to pursue becoming a healer themselves Melinda is a precious resource– you will feel this when you meet her.  I am so blessed that Melinda has come into my life, and I hope that she can be there for you also.

Patricia Morrison  

Hayfork, California, USA

 I found my [Reiki attunement] experience was that of emotional, spiritual and physical enlightenment.  Emotionally I found that there was a sense of joy and relief with the odd shedding of tears. Physically I felt that a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders, not to mention the stomach agitation I had been feeling for months (to the point that ulcer drugs were not working) had somehow stopped. Spiritually I felt the light/universal energy was bathing my soul. Melinda, thank you for inspiring me and continuously providing an inspiration.

Franco LaFaci

London, UK

When I first met Melinda, I felt an immediate connection with her, like our paths have crossed before.  Even though we were strangers, I felt comfortable, at ease and very protected.  Melinda is very kind, very generous and very knowledgeable and will guide you through your journey as you embark on an amazing life changing experience.  I recommend her to anyone seeking Reiki guidance and attunements.  I will be forever grateful to have Melinda in my life.

Kathy Y.
Renton, Washington, USA
Melinda Kaur Reiki master teacher karuna reiki holy fire kirkland wa relaxation reiki classes

Melinda embodies the healing grace of Reiki. Learning from her is pure joy because she is so passionate about tapping into your authentic power and such an advocate for holistic well being that your spirit’s uplifted by simply being in her presence—and that love facilitates an amazing connection and healing potential.  I was buzzing after my first attunement and am well on my way towards fulfilling my intention of improving my vision. I can’t wait for my next session.

Stephanie P.
Bellevue, Washington, USA

I have known Melinda for a few years now and she has certified me for Reiki Two and Reiki Master.  Melinda is truly a Master of healing energy.  Her warm presence and kind words are as healing as her touch.  Melinda’s profound listening skills and touch have brought about an amazing transformation within myself over the years.  I am very blessed and thankful to have encountered such a person who can share Universal love so effortlessly.  Thank you Melinda for facilitating me in my healing process.

Marty Abdo

Seattle, Washington, USA

Melinda has such a wonderful positive energy.  After a session with her, I feel so physically and Spiritually grounded.

Joan Tune
Kirkland, Washington, USA
Melinda Kaur Reiki master teacher karuna reiki holy fire kirkland wa relaxation reiki classes

My healing sessions with Melinda have always been an enjoyable experience.

Monica Zulmira dos Santos
London, UK

Melinda’s peaceful energy is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  During my first treatment, I felt as if I were gently floating on rolling waves.  My mind discovered calmness, and I felt a sensation of connection and purpose.  While massage is relaxation for the muscles, Reiki is relaxation for the soul, and Melinda was able to provide an amazing introduction to this practice.  I highly recommend Reiki to anyone looking for greater clarity and balance in life, and look forward to my next session with Melinda.

Jennifer Grand

Seattle, Washington, USA

I really enjoyed my Reiki treatment with Melinda.  Her energy is so soothing and calm.  I will be back again for more treatments, as it has really helped me over the last few months.

Kiran Banarse
London, UK
Melinda Kaur Reiki master teacher karuna reiki holy fire kirkland wa relaxation reiki classes

I came to Melinda’s Reiki circle through my original Reiki Teacher Raye. Melinda is so full of love and inspiration. She creates opportunities for all her healer friends and students to shine. Her integrity is what helped trust her. I have taken 3 Reiki sessions from her. I was struggling with boundaries, self esteem and some goals I have set for myself. These are very core issues in my life. Before coming to Melinda I have put in years of practice with EFT, Past Life Regression and other healing modalities. But I was finding these deep issues very difficult to crack. Melinda ma’am’s (as I like to call her)  sessions have been like Magic. With every session, I could feel myself becoming more free from these patterns. I am very deeply grateful for her help and her incredible gift of healing. I could not have survived this phase of my life without her help. She is really a pillar for all her students and friends.

Saurabh Madan
Seattle, Washington USA

I met Melinda while studying reiki.  I was attracted to her energies in class.  When I first had a reiki treatment from Melinda, I was deeply moved by her soft, loving energy.  Reiki is a modality that encourages relaxation and  I have had many reiki sessions with others, however,  Melinda’s reiki was different.  Her energies affect the soul.  She has a wonderful gift for giving compassion, love,  and healing to the body, mind, and spirit.  Through her energy work with me, I have been able to open my compassion and love for others, clarifying many issues in my life.     Melinda’s energy is compassionate and loving. If you never have felt compassion and loving energy on a deep level, you must experience reiki by Melinda.   Melinda is compassion unearthed.

Marylou D’antonio, Ed.D.
Head To Toe Connections Studio

Melinda, you have the most wonderful healing energy and I have thoroughly enjoyed both my treatments and my Reiki instruction. Thank you for teaching me Reiki! The benefits have been measurable and life changing.

Monique Stanley 

Spokane, Washington USA

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Reiki Healing Testimonials

I had the pleasure of receiving a Reiki session from Melinda Kaur at Reiki Joy, and it was truly a transformative experience. From the moment I walked into her peaceful and welcoming space, I knew that I was in good hands. Melinda exudes calming energy and a genuine desire to help her clients heal and find balance.

She took the time to listen to my concerns and intentions for the session and tailored her approach to suit my individual needs. The Reiki session itself was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

I felt a warm and soothing energy flowing through my body, and my mind was able to quiet down and let go of the stress and worries of daily life. I even experienced some physical sensations, such as tingling and warmth, which I had never felt before during a healing session. After the session, Melinda took the time to discuss my experience and offer some helpful insights and suggestions for self-care.

She also checked in with me in the days following the session to see how I felt and offered additional support. Overall, I would highly recommend Melinda Kaur and Reiki Joy to anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing and wellness.

Melinda is a skilled and compassionate practitioner who truly cares about her clients and their well-being. I left my session feeling lighter, more centered, and grateful for the experience.